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Beer Warriors are MOVING!
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Beer Warriors are MOVING!
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That's right boys and girls, pack your bags. WE ARE LEAVING ICLANWEBSITES. Cheers to that!

Here's why:
  • We have outgrown iclanwebsites.
  • The site is lacking in features and costs a lot.
  • Support... isn't.
  • No plug in support.
  • Site is really slow. Especially on mobile.
  • DNS support is clunky.
  • DDOS protection is so annoying.
  • Admin functioning is horrible and poorly made.
  • Only a few modules available.
  • Layout and design capabilities suck.

So after looking at Proboards, PHPBB, VBulletin, and Enjin the winner was........ (drum roll)

That's right. We are moving to Enjin. How do I put this best.... IT'S FUCKING AWESOME.
Seriously, the amount of features and capabilities of Enjin is 1000x better than iclanwebsites.

  • Cleaner design. The look and feel of the new forum is much cleaner and is much faster.
  • Hundreds of features/modules. I can add nearly anything to the site. Galleries, calendars, multiple forums, WOW status, MineCraft server status, RSS feeds, shout boxes, HTML (yea iclanwebsites made me pay for that), and tons more. 
  • Full customization. Iclan was restrictive as to how I can layout the forum. Enjin allows me to put anything anywhere. It also allows each page to be laid out differently. This feature is standard with Enjin, while iclan charged $20/mo for that.
  • Plug-in Support. Yes that means Smurfy plug-in support.
  • Private IM. It has a cool Instant Messaging system.
  • Minecraft server integration. So basically actions you take in the forum can have a direct effect on our Minecraft server. (and vice versa). This includes things like whitelisting people, adding items, ranks, ect. I haven't investigated it much yet.
  • Points/awards. You now earn points for being active on the forum. Earning enough points can earn you awards and tags in the forum that add cool effects and badges to your user name. 
  • Store. There is now a store that allows you to make donations or spend your Forum points on cool stuff for the forum. We can also use this store to sell merch later on.
  • Twitter/Twitch Sync. Connect with your social network accounts.
  • More Wingman features. Wingmen get exclusive forum features now including orange sparks, a "wingman" tag, and use of a forum signature.
  • There's tons more, but you gotta check it out yourself. We will be adding tons more stuff as time goes on.

Current points and awards:
  • Gain 2 points if: Make a new thread, make 2 posts, earn 2 upvotes.
  • Earn Green Sparks "Heavy Drinker" award for making either 8 threads or 12 posts in the Beer and Alcohol section.
  • Earn Gold Gem "Bartender" award for making either 20 threads or 25 posts in the Beer and Alcohol section.
  • More to come.

What you need to do
So I need all of you to register to the new site and beta test the shit out of it. Post stuff, upoad pictures, test the chat, customize your forum, connect to your twitch accounts, everything. There are probably still tons of bugs. So find them and post in the Site Suggestions thread.

There's a limited stock BLACK SMOKE item in the store for those who earn 12 points on the forum. There are only 5 available so go earn those points!

We will move to the new forum on SEPTEMBER 3RD!!!!
This forum will be deleted at that time and the domain will re-route to the new one. In the mean time, start filling up the new forum and posting feedback. You will see features on this site start glitching and no longer function properly as we begin our move. 

The new site is at beerwarriors.enjin.com


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