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Beer Warriors are MOVING!
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Tonight's Wobbly Wednesday!
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August News and Upcoming Events
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Greetings Beer Warriors!

Our August update is here. I'm going to try to include more info in these updates from now on.

MWO UPDATES : Patch notes https://www.reddit.com/r/ ... 18th_of_august_2015/
  1. The new Forrest Colony is out! Smash that patch button and download the new map!
  2. MWO has a new rating system. Here's the gist of it. First off, the win/loss condition plays a much smaller role compared to the current Elo system.With the new PSR system:
    • If a players' team wins, and the player did well during the match (achieving a high Match Score), the player will rise in skill rating.
    • If a players' team wins, but the player did not perform well (achieving a low Match Score), the player will not move in terms of skill rating.
    • If a players' team loses, but the player does exceptionally well (achieving a very high Match Score), the player will go up slightly in skill rating.
    • If a players' team loses, but the player performed well (achieving a high Match Score), the player will not move in skill rating.
    • If the players' team loses, and the player performed poorly (achieving a low Match Score), they will drop in skill rating.
    Tier System:With the new PSR system in place we are now able to put players into Skill Tiers.There are 5 Skill Tiers in which a pilot can be ranked: Tier 1 being comprised of the best-rated players in the game, and Tier 5 being comprised of pilots who are in dire need of additional training. That being said, we now have much more control over who plays against whom, without the presence of the ‘release valves’ that were in place under the original system.The original Elo system for MWO employed these release valves to allow the matchmaker to relax restrictions in an effort to start games faster. This could result in top-tier players being matched with newer or lower-skilled players. With the release of PSR, that system is now gone.A Tier 1 player will never play against a Tier 4 or Tier 5 player. New players are automatically seeded into the mid-to-high range of Tier 4. All current players will be seeded into whichever Skill Tier best aligns with the historical data already present in their account. The historical data pool used for generating your Tier placement goes back until January 2015.The weighted formula and action triggers will not be released publicly. However, we are currently debating the merits of making all players’ respective Skill Tier levels publicly accessible. Part of this potential public Skill Tier listing is the possibility for opting-in or opting-out of listing your Skill Tier publicly. Tina will likely be putting up a poll to gather feedback about which option the community feels would be the best choice for handling public Skill Tiers.
  3. Mauler porn https://instagram.com/p/6 ... iRN_vjPmG/

Everyone's favorite battlemech lottery machine, DeusEx, is hosting an awesome Cards Against Humanity Night. We might turn this into a monthly thing where we play a card game or something for shits and giggles.
  1. It's August 28th (Assuming everyone signs up on time)
  2. THERE WILL BE BIG MWO PRIZES (Like Direwolves, Enforcers and more. I will also be giving away some stuff too.) So you want to be there.
  3. You have to sign up. So comment on his post here http://www.beerwarriors.n ... manity-with-beer-xpg

  1. We may be moving! Not any time soon. But we are outgrowing iclanwebsites and their support and DDOS problem is really hurting us. Currently we are looking at vBulletin, Proboards, Enjin, and PHPBB. We want to find a site that will add to your current features and enhance the user experience of the forum. We will try to make it as smooth as possible.
  2. COMP TEAM: Practices will likely start in a week or so. So watch you email for Beer Warrior spam. If you haven't signed up and are interested in playing MWO competitively, sign up to the left of the forum.


That wraps everything up I hope. Keep on drinkin!


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