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Volunteers Needed
Red SailAdmin 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th Dec 2014
What's up guys. 
Don't know about you, but my head hurts and all of my beer has magically disappeared. 

Last year, the Beer Warriors put on a 4v4 casual tournament that got a lot of publicity by accident. I want to do it again. So I am looking to put together a team who would like to help run this tournament. This will require quite a time commitment, so the more volunteers I get the better. 

Here's what I need:
Commentators, you must be conversational and entertaining. Have a clear mic and restrain from talking over others. We're looking for casual speakers who can keep the stream interesting and fun. It works best if we find pairs of commentators. Last time I believe Ike and TrashK were commentators at the last minute and they worked really well with each other. That's what I'm looking for. (Still unclear which rounds we will be streaming.) Need at least 3.  

Streamers (cameraman), must have a high upload speed with HD quality. There may be 2 in operation at a time, and we might cross stream. You may or may not be commentating. I'd rather you focus on maintaining a high quality stream. You will be playing videos and showing graphics. Also we will be trying to get access to the spectator view again. So we will need you to keep the camera smooth and bearable. Stick to the stream and don't start doing your own thing. (Still unclear which rounds we will be streaming.) Need at least 3. 

Head Officials, This role is super important. You guys are in charge of the whole operation. You will organize each round and tell everyone where they need to be. You are the ones who are in the trenches usually. You will be needed on TS to answer questions and tell people where they need to be. I also need officials on the forums to answer questions and settle conflicts. So if you want to help out at all, I need these people the most. Need at least 5. 

More positions could become available with time, but this is all I need for now.

All of these volunteers will be helping me determine the rules and manage the tournament. This is only our second time running one of these so things may get crazy and you will have to think on your feet. My goal is for this to work like a machine without me having to run around with my head cut off like last time. I won't be able to do that this time. 

I'd like to shoot for February of 2015. There may be anywhere from 5-10 rounds so it could end up becoming a 2 month thing. So I need all the volunteers I can get. Even if you aren't sure you're available, apply and just let me know what may get in the way.

Here's how this works:
Comment on this thread with the positions you are interested in, in order of interest. (greatest to least). Just because you volunteer, doesn't mean you will get the job. It's nothing personal, we're just trying to put everyone where we feel they will best fit. Your comment should look like this:

I'd like to volunteer for:
  1. Head Official
  2. Commentator
Will I also be participating in the tournament? YES
I will most likely be available: during the weekends.

And that should do for now. 

This kind of stuff makes me really nervous because of the stress it gave me last time. So if I get tons of volunteers, I will love all of you. I will really need everyone's help with this since I'm still not sure what my schedule will look like.

Here is a playlist of videos from the last BWB

If this doesn't look like it's going to work, or if it is going to conflict too much with our Community Warfare efforts, then I will pull the plug.

Fingers Crossed.

27th Dec 2014 RaKa
Down for commentator if spots haven't filled up yet.

20th Dec 2014 BlackholeZ
I'd be happy to help out like last time:

Head official / chicken herder
Anything else that might be needed

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