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Drop deck loadouts
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SetunOfficer 10th Feb 2015

Joined: 15th Mar 2014
Rank: Officer
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So I feel like we should have a topic on what our typical IS / Clan drop decks are, and reasoning behind them.  I know we should try to get some of the 'meta' mechs like the Thunderbolts and such, but honestly I've noticed that we have the best success with mechs we're comfortable with.  Plus I'm an avid anti-meta person so there is that as well....anywho here's what I typically bring to CW matches!

Inner Sphere:
Locust 1M - 2 med lasers / 2 SRM 2 (SRM cooldown + range module, med laser range module)
Hunchback 4G or HBK-4P
Jagermech S or Jagermech Firebrand (x4 AC-5 boat [defense] or dual PPCs + AC2 boat)
Atlas S (for leading attacks) or King Crab 000 (for defense)

This drop deck is meant to serve a variety of roles depending on the mech, and on the type of gamemode occuring: 
- The Hunchbacks and Atlas are meant to be for the big pushes into enemy bases.  They pack a punch against objectives as well as mechs, and they all can zombie if shit gets crazy.  Hunchbacks make excellent defenders as well due to high hard point location on primary weapons.
- The Jagermechs are fire support mechs.  I mostly aim at taking out turrets / generators on attack, or finding a good vantage point to lay in suppressing fire on defense.
- King Crab is specifically geared toward defense.  x2 AC-20, x2 SRM-6, x2 Med Pulse Lasers can make short work of enemies that will inevitably be coming towards me, which makes getting close to them easy. 
- Lastly there's the Locust.  This little fucker can do a lot of stuff really well for such a small mech.  With the biggest engine it can fit it goes 170kph, so catching up to enemies while defending isn't a problem, and the SRM + medium laser combo pump out a surprising amount of damage.  Typically I use this for sneaking into enemy bases to knock out generators on attack (it takes about 10-15 seconds to knock out a generator by myself tops), or use it to ankle bite mechs while defending and leg them for others to finish off.

Also with this setup I have about 5 tons left over for the drop deck so I could ton up and use a different mech of some kind (trade the JM6 for a Cataphract, etc)

Mist Lynx Prime or MLX-B (ECM sniper / harass or tiny brawler)
Hellbringer Prime, A, or B (bring 2 of these; either the HBR-A + HBR-Prime, or HBR-A + HBR-B)
Warhawk Prime or Warhawk B (x4 ER PPCs or x4 LPL)

This setup as a whole is geared toward team coverage.  Whether it's ECM coverage from the Hellbringers & MLX-Prime, or fire support from the Warhawks & MLX-B, the main goal is to keep your teammates covered.
- MLX-Prime, WHK-Prime, and WHK-B on defense are mostly aimed at softening targets coming in toward the gates.  On offense the WHKs primary goal are generators / turrets since they can pump a ton of damage in a short amount of time.
- All of the Hellbringers work really well on attack or defense.  The ECM does wonders, especially when making big pushes into an enemy base.  Builds vary between full energy boat, dual UAC-5 spam + lasers, or SRMs + lasers but all have the potential to blow off leg components quickly.
- The Mist Lynx B is the odd ball in all this.  It makes for a fragile yet great defender light mech since it has 2 medium lasers + 2 SRM 6's.  Also with its low frame and speed its not only difficult to hit, it's also extremely easy to aim for the legs of any mech. 

This setup does run right at the 240 limit, but you could always ton down one of the Hellbringers or Warhawk.

So that's what I run and the thought process behind it.  What setup do you run?
Last Edit: 10th Feb 2015 by Setun
Kohrrl 10th Feb 2015

Joined: 15th Dec 2014
Rank: Beer Warrior
Posts: 7
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Good stuff indeed. I'll post what I run and hopefully see you all in game again soon.

Stalker 5S
I use ML and SRMs for mid range and close range brawling. I've toyed around with a LRM or 2 for long range support and PPC's for sniping, just not my forte.
Centurion 9D
I use this as a light chaser and harasser. I keep back with the big guys and if a light pops his head around I'm usually fast enough to catch them or chase them off. Machine guns and ML's with 1 LL.
Com 2D
I love the baby mech first mech I mastered. SRMS and tag with ECM and AMS. General scout mech.

ML-B (have all the variants)

Kit Fox(SAA)

Still trying to get a good feel for both of them. On of the ML's i have has 3 small pulse lasers that I some how squeak out decent games. The Kit Fox I just can't get a feel for. I like the ballistic slots but not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm waiting on my Resistance packages to come in and I'm strongly considering a Timber Wolf setup for drops. Would appreciate feed back on that decision as well as my load-outs.
Ash Williams 12th Feb 2015

Joined: 30th Dec 2014
Rank: Beer Warrior
Posts: 6
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I have been dropping with 2 HellBringers and 2 StormCrows for my drop deck.

Not settled on the load out yet, but I have 2PPC or 1PPC and 2LL for HB.

Then SC have 3SSRM6 plus 2ML or 2LL, ....thinking at least 2LL and 2SSRM6
Last Edit: 12th Feb 2015 by Ash Williams
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