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This is something I've been wanting to start writing for a while. I'll update it as I write it.  I think it's gonna be a good one. This is a closed story so don't add to it, but you can comment if you want.


Aaron hung his duffle over his shoulder as he walked down the dirt road. It was day. He could tell because the sky was brown and not black. As he entered a ragged old town he could hear the bustle of men and women lugging supplies and buying materials. There was laughing and shouting, like an entire army platoon was on a vacation. As the dust began to settle he could tell that was exactly the case. A massive drop-ship was now visible at the end of the city. He ducked down and hid behind a nearby building. were they clanners?
The memories of just yesterday flashed in his head. He was just returning to the house on his dads tractor. It was another sand storm so he couldn't see a thing until he got inside the barn. He parked it in the barn beside the old Commando he had been working to rebuild. It wasn't too busted up, just needed a little TLC. It was missing it's right arm, but damn was it fast. He had already piloted it plenty of times and worked out all the kinks. "KRAAAACK" A sudden burst of thunder echoed out. It was close. As Aaron walked out of the barn his father came running and screaming to him.
"Get back inside now!" He shoved Aaron back inside and slammed the barn door shut.
"Dad what's going on?" His dad was on his knees panting.
"They're here Aaron... those fucking clanners." He slammed his fist into the dirt. Aaron could see now that his dad was covered in blood.
"Dad... where's mom?" The words crawled out of his lips.
His dad began to pack a large brown duffle bag with food and random tools he could find around the barn. "Take this." His dad said as he shoved the bag into Aaron's chest. "When I have its attention you run."
"W-where is mom, dad?" he dared ask again.
"You hear me son?! You run and you don't turn back!" His  tears were soaked in blood, but Aaron couldn't find a cut on his body. "I love you buddy. I'm proud of you." He hugged Aaron. Aaron was shaking with fear and confusion. "Now get ready!" His dad began to climb into the Commando.
"But dad, you don't even know ho-"
"What do you think I do when you're at school boy?" He closed the hatch and the battlemech chimed on. The buzz of the reactor filled the barn. The hatch opened again. "I will grab his attention. When I do, you run and don't look back!" He slammed the hatch shut and turned the mech around. It stomped the ground as it faced the rear of the barn. Then, at full throttle it burst through the back wall of the barn, sending splinters in every direction.
The new hole revealed the enemy. It was shiny and red. And it was a Daishi, otherwise known as Great Death. The size of it made him want to call his dad back, but he was already firing his green medium laser at the clanner.
"DAD!" The Daishi looked down and all went silent for a mere two seconds. He could hear the clink of the auto-cannon rounds loading into their chambers. Then the sound of thunder returned. KA-DACK KA-DACK KA-DAK-KA. The rounds sent dirt and debris flying up around the Commando. A blazing fire soon followed and signaled the end of it. Aaron caught his breath and took off in the opposite direction.
Without stop he ran until nightfall. He slept a total of 2 hours before he woke up and trekked to the nearest city. Now, here he was with a drop ship not 2 kilometers from him. He peeked around the corner to look for colors. Were they clan?
"Who are we hiding from?" A voice whispered in Aaron's ear.
Aaron jerked around and fell on his back. He searched for the voice's origin and prepared to pull the knife he had in his pocket. It was a young man not much older than him. He was wearing a mech jump suit.
"Whoa there buddy, didn't mean to spook ya." The man knelt beside him. His brown curly hair made him less threatening. The beer in his hand also helped. "The names Roman, but you can call me Shivaxi."
"Shiv-axi?" Aaron was confused.
"Well that's what everyone calls me. Well really I call myself that, but... gah it doesn't matter. Here, let me help you up." He reached out his hand and pulled Aaron up.
"Who are you people?" Aaron asked.
"Just a bunch of clan killers and drinkers." He winked at Aaron. "And who might you be?"
"Aaron." He paused for a moment. "You kill clanners?"
"Got that right. Here let me show you." Shivaxi walked him down the street. More men in jump suits were lugging supplies to the drop ship, or buying huge kegs of beer. When they reached the bay of the drop ship he could see inside. Mechs everywhere of all types and sizes.
"Mercenary unit searching for recruits." a man cried out, "Kill clanners. Drink beer. No experience needed, but we need hard workers to keep this ship in top shape."
Aaron stopped Shivaxi. "I can pilot a mech."
"Is that right?"
"Yes. I want to join you." He paused and began to swell with anger. "I want to kill clanners."
"Alright Aaron. You think you got what it takes?"
"I do."
"Well then come with me." Shivaxi led him up the ramp and into the bay. There were two levels of battle mechs stacked side by side lining the walls. They all had their own personal colors and decals. However, most were orange and black. They had a skull with two bottles crossed below it. "Welcome to the Beer Warriors."


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Chapter 1
Aaron tossed his duffle bag on the top bunk. He shared a cabin with a stranger who was asleep in the bottom bunk. The room was tiny and it barely had any head room. Everything in it was made of metal and bolted to the ground. Bundles of wiring lined the roof with a single light. They had one small circular window the size of a grapefruit. He crawled up onto the bed and planted his face into the sheets. The mattress felt like cardboard with a white cloth on top.
There was an intercom just outside the door, and the robotic woman's voice shouted into his ears. It finally clicked into his head that he was leaving home. Actually, not just home, he was leaving his planet. He had never left Alleghe before. Hell, he hadn't even left his country before. And now he wasn't sure if he would ever see it again.
LIFT OFF IN 10. 9.
This was his new home now; a cardboard bed and the stuff left in his duffle bag.
The walls began to rumble and a growl now filled the cabin.
4. 3. 2.
Bye mom. Bye dad.
The drop ship lifted off into the atmosphere and left the planet. Aaron decided to catch up on the sleep he had lost and finally get some rest. He slowly drifted off, though thoughts, fears, and questions exploded in his head.
When he awoke, it was quiet. He rubbed his eyes and stretched. Doing so, he nearly rolled off of of his bed. It still hadn't sunk in yet where he was. He hopped down off his bunk and looked for his cabin-mate, but he was gone and his bed was made. Aaron's stomach made a loud gurgle. What time was it? There wasn't a clock in the cabin. He walked out into the hallway. Men were walking and talking, heading in the same direction together.
"Hey, do you know what time it is?" Aaron asked a man passing by.
The man huffed. "You're in space, rookie. We jump from planet to planet. Keeping track of time just gets confusing. But it's lunch time now."
"Oh thank you. Where is the café?"
The man laughed again. "The mess hall is up those stairs."
Aaron walked up the stairs and followed the sound of chatter. He entered a room with tables full of men drinking and eating. There was no order to it at all. Men in uniforms were eating with men in jump suits. Some men were in casual wear, and one wasn't dressed at all, dancing on the table with his balls hanging out.
"Aaron!" He heard his name and looked around. It was Shivaxi. Shiv handed him a tray holding a bowl of dark white soup and a glass of water. "Come sit with us. We have a spot for you."
Aaron sat between Shivaxi and another man. It was his bunk mate from earlier.
"Sorry we haven't met yet. Call me Beef. Aaron, right?" The man shook Aaron's hand.
"Yeah. It's a pleasure." Aaron looked at the bowl of soup. "What is this?"
"It isn't as bad as it looks." Beef said.
Aaron scooped up a small bit and put it in his mouth. It wasn't bad, it was flavorless.
"Just spit out the crunchy bits." An old man sitting across from him snickered. Aaron gagged as he gulped down the soup. The old man laughed.
"So what mechs have you piloted?" Shivaxi asked.
"Oh. I had a Commando back home."
"Not bad. The rookie's a light pilot." The old man shouted.
"I'm sorry, what's your name?" Aaron asked the old man.
"Don't mind him." Shiv patted his shoulder.

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Chapter 1 part 2

Someone then began banging on a mug to get everyone's attention. The chatter calmed to a dull roar. A young man stepped up onto the table in the corner. He was wearing a black jumpsuit. His hair was long and blonde, but the sides of his head were shaved.
"Listen up." The man shouted. "We have a lot of new recruits with us today, so I'll make this simple.  We are a mercenary unit, and we keep things pretty laid back here. There are only 2 rules with us." He held up his finger. "Take care of this ship. It's our home, and if you want to live here you will make yourself useful and earn your keep. So keep it clean." He held up a second finger. "This unit is now your family. Everyone around you is here for different reasons, but many of us have lost something dear. So if I catch any of you mistreating my family, you will deal with me." There was some mumbling in the crowd. "Point is, if you steal a man's beer, you owe him two." The crowd chuckled. "Now then. We got ourselves a contract boys." There was some shouting and celebration in the room. "We're headed to the nearby planet, St. John to prepare a defensive against the clans. We will have 4 lances dropping in to clear out any enemy scouts, then we will reinforce Överste Klinton Meyer and the Free Brigades. When those scum bag clanners enter this planet, they are in for one hell of a surprise." The men jumped up and cheered. The captain drank from his mug and hopped off of the table.
"Who is he?" Aaron asked.
"Like he said," Beef replied, "we're family, and he's Papa bear. They call him Red Sail." Aaron watched Red Sail greet another man with a bright smile.
"He seems pretty nice to me." Aaron said.
"He is," Beef replied, "He's always calm and smiling. But he's unpredictable on the battlefield. He sees it differently than most commanders. When the enemy expects a defensive, he attacks. When they expect him to flank, he charges full force. And we follow him."
"He once made us hide behind enemy lines for 13 straight hours to prepare an ambush." Shivaxi said. "The enemy was setting up camp and telling ghost stories by the time we finally attacked."
"The kid is young and may be soft on the outside, but don't cross him." The old man finished.
"Who are the 3 men beside him?" Aaron asked.
"That one is Icarus." Beef pointed at the man closest to Red Sail holding two drinks in his hands. "Parties hard, fights harder. He isn't afraid to go balls deep in a firefight"
"The man has balls big enough to fit snug in an auto-cannon." The old man said as he shook his head. "But just standing next to him makes you feel invincible."
"The one talking to the girl is Tarvus." Beef continued. "He's the attitude of the group. He keeps his lances tight and if you don't follow orders, he'll shoot you before the enemy does." Beef then pointed to the one with a computer. "And that's Big Shades. He upgraded most of our tech with his own inventions. He can analyze a mech and figure exactly how to down it in seconds."
"And he isn't afraid to overheat his mech to prove it." Shivaxi chuckled. "He once kicked open his cockpit in a snowstorm, mid-fight, to keep from cooking himself to death."
"Together they make up the Primes. All four are fierce commanders, but together they are terrifying." Beef finished with a smile, proud of his own delivery.
"You guys made all of that up didn't you?" Aaron smiled.
Beef buried his face in his soup. "A little elaboration never hurt."
All of them laughed. "You'll fit in just fine, rookie." Shivaxi patted Aaron's back.
"You!" A voice burst out from behind him. "Rookie." Aaron turned around and saw Red Sail staring down at him. Aaron shot up and tried to salute just like he had seen on the holovid.
"Put your hand down." Red shot down his efforts before his hand had even reached his forehead. The three at his table snickered as Aaron lowered his hand.
"You're Aaron correct?" Red Sail asked.
"Yes, sir."
"Shiv says you can pilot. That true?"
Jeez news here travels fast, Aaron thought. "Yessir. Just a Commando back home." Aaron felt the need to add the disclaimer at the end. He wanted to get to training quickly, but he didn't want to set the bar too high.
"Good, I've got a Raven ready for you. Suit up. You're dropping with my lance." Red Sail turned his back and walked out of the mess hall.
Wait... what? I'm dropping? He thought. Already?! No training?
"You look whiter than the soup, rookie. You okay?" Shiv asked.
"Maybe we spooked him," Beef said.
"Maybe he needs a beer," The old man said.
Beef gave Aaron his jumpsuit and walked him down to the mechbay. They stopped in front of a Raven-3L. Beef told him it was equipped with 3 medium pulse lasers, 2 streak srms and ECM. It was hot, but could slip under the radar and pack a punch. Perfect for phase one of this mission, which was to clear out enemy scouts.
Aaron couldn't hide his excitement. His mind was firing off in every direction. He was nervous he had no training, excited to try a new mech, scared he could die, terrified that he wouldn't. Could I take a life? He had never thought of it before. It should come naturally, right?
"Let's get you hooked up." Beef said. The two of them climbed up to the top of the Raven. Aaron tucked himself into the cockpit and placed the neurohelmet over his head. He felt his arms tingle a bit as the helmet turned on. He hadn't felt that before with the Commando.
"Whoa."  Aaron said.
"That's just the Direct Neural Interface. This helmet is probably a bit more advanced than you're used to. The DNI provides you with a kinesthetic sense so you can feel how the mech's limbs are positioned." Beef's words sounded like science fiction, but Aaron ate it up. Beef pointed at some panels in the cockpit. "Here is your ECM toggle. If Red needs you to toggle it to counter, hit this switch. It is set to disrupt by default so the bad guys can't spot you." Beef poked the top left corner of his visor.  "You should see four pilots here as well as their condition. This is your lance; keep track of them." He knocked on Aaron's head. "You'll be fine. Just do what Red tells you, and remember: don't stop moving. This thing is fast  so use that to your advantage." Beef stepped down and gave a overzealous salute. Obviously mocking him for earlier.
Aaron tapped a button on the side of his helmet. The lance display extended to show all 4 lances across the screen. "Alpha Lance: RedSail <BJ-1>, CrySomeMore <CN9-A>, Karbomb <CPT-A1> NoName <RVN-3L>" No name huh? He looked through the other lances."Bravo Lance: Icarus, Setun, Dr. Smashy, Boozer. Charlie Lance: Tarvus, Shivaxi, Pyrophoros, Charronn. Delta Lance: BigShades, Silkfire, Beefotron, Bunny." Aaron had no idea how bad things could get, and that terrified him. Suddenly, an alarm sounded and red lights flooded the mechbay.
"Comm check." Red's voice came in through the speaker in his helmet. "We didn't have time to brief, so I want each of you bright eyed and bushy tailed. Keep your ears open for commands from your lance leader. We each have separate drop zones surrounding the main city. The dropship will be landing in the center of the city." Aaron's eyes grew wide. He had never dropped before. Hell, he had never skydived before. "Aaron" Red called him out. "Your mech is set to autopilot for the drop. Just sit back and enjoy the ride."
"Oh the new kid's coming with us?" An unfamiliar voice sounded. Icarus' tag lit up blue, signaling it was him. "Hold tight and pucker up boy. We're goin' in dry. Get ready to fuck these bitches up!" Icarus' shouting was loud enough to nearly cut out the speaker in his helmet.
A woman's voice now spoke into his ear. "Alpha lance, you're up first. Prepare for drop." Prepare? What was he supposed to do to prepare? Pray? Suddenly his mech jolted forward. Aaron nervously grabbed the stick and throttle as the mech began to slide forward. He looked to his left and right and saw three other mechs moving parallel to him. He saw a red light in the distance suddenly turn green. Then, drop.
The inside of the mechbay vanished from view and turned into clouds rushing upwards. Aaron grabbed onto anything he could, grunting as the mech jerked him around. His stomach surged up into his throat and his head felt like a canonball. Finally, the thrusters kicked in and placed him firmly back down into his seat.
He could hear laughing over the comms. He then remembered that there was a microphone inside his helmet. They heard everything.
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God this is getting long. Gotta get myself inspired to write chapter 2 now.

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Chapter 2 Part 1

"Aaron, stick with me." Red Sail said as the lance stormed through the city of Stiga. "Cry, take the road on my right but stay within 300 kilometers. Karbomb, head 700 kilometers South East and hold position there."


"On it." Karbomb replied, followed by "Still don't understand why I'm in this junk heap."

Aaron matched Red Sail's speed and stayed close beside his Blackjack. Aaron liked the Raven. It didn't feel quite like the Commando, but sitting in a new mech felt exhilarating. It felt like making love for the first time all over again. It begins bashful and conserved as you slowly test boundaries until it grows into a struggle to find harmony in the motions. At first he wasn't used to the way the Raven breathed and moved, but then it started to sink in slowly as he pushed the throttle. The DNI sent new sensations through his body, making the connection all the more intimate. Yet, it would take time to fully harmonize with the way it wanted to move.

Sunlight cascaded across his cockpit window as the dawn cast its final light onto the city. Tanks, trucks, infantry, and civilians scurried about the streets as red lights flickered in every direction. Emergency beacons, flares, holovids, and signs all shouted the same things: find shelter, trust your government, remain calm. The bustle of the city had a pungent odor of fear. Smoke bellowed into the sky from firefights that had taken place earlier.

Aaron looked down at the civilians passing by his feet. He caught the face of a small boy looking up at him. The boy was tiny from the view of the cockpit, but Aaron could see the his eyes staring back at him in wonder. Then the boy's eyes darted around in fear. Gunshots fired off in every direction. Civilians caught in the crossfire were gunned down, including the little boy.

"Ambush!" Red shouted over the radio, followed by a loud crack. Red Sail's Blackjack unexpectedly toppled forward and tumbled onto its face. Smoke bombs exploded everywhere around them, cloaking the civilians and sending them into chaos. The little boy's body vanished. Aaron looked up and caught the silhouette of multiple infantry charging in. One soldier appeared to have some type of tube over his shoulder. However, they all quickly vanished into the smoke.

Aaron frantically flipped the switch for thermal vision. Hundreds of white glowing figures now appeared, scattering like ants. He couldn't make out who was the enemy, friendly, or civilian. He searched for the man carrying a tube over his shoulder. Then he found him, then another, and another with an object that could also be it. No, it was the first one. Wait that one is on his knees, is he going to shoot? Yea that has to be him, he has other men around him. Aaron hovered his finger over the trigger. But what if that's just a dad and his family. Aaron's adrenaline burned in his veins like wildfire.

“Aaron, fire!" Red cried out as his mech stood back up.

"At what? I can't see them!" He shouted back.

"Just shoot!"

Aaron placed his reticle over the figure on his knees, but his hand quivered. This was a human being he was about to cut into pieces. What if he was wrong? Then a clap rang out as the man on his knees launched a metal clamp out of the tube. The clamp crashed into Red Sail's left torso.

A scream shrieked over the radio as lightning surged through the mech. "Fuck! My electronics are shot." Red shouted. "I'll get it back up. Cover me!". Before he could even finish his sentence, infantry were jumping from the roof of a nearby tower. They had jump packs equipped to help guide them to the shut-down Blackjack. One grappled onto the leg and placed an explosive on the actuator. The leg actuator shattered and sent sparks flying. Two more men landed on the Blackjack.

Aaron froze. This was his fault. His doing. What was he supposed to do now? Shoot at Red Sail? He could easily hit the infantry from his position. Too late.

One of the men crawled onto the cockpit window of the Blackjack. He placed an explosive onto the window and prepared to jump off, but the window pivoted open. Red Sail appeared with a pistol drawn. Three gun shots sent blood spewing from the man's head. Then the explosive on the window went off. A chunk of the glass was obliterated, but it remained mostly intact and shielded Red Sail from the blast.

The glass then rotated back down and closed up his cockpit, for the most part. The Blackjack then aimed up at the tower. A thunder clap exploded from the AC 20 cannon on his arm. The top corner of the building shattered into a fit of dust and debris. The shredded parts of human limbs fell from the tower. Without skipping a beat, he then fired lasers into the smoke to take care of the ground units.

"Let's move!" Red shouted. "Cry regroup in charlie seven. My leg is busted so Aaron will cover me."

He still trusts me to cover him? Aaron wondered. As the Blackjack turned away from Aaron he spotted the third man still hanging onto the rear of the torso. The man stood beside the rear door of the mech. Shit! Aaron remembered his father being killed while he did nothing. He pictured Red being shot while he sat like a coward. It repeated in his head over and over. Then he remembered the small boy. He had looked up at Aaron's Raven in wonder, but not because it looked huge and magnificent. No, it was hope. Hope that things would be okay. That hope was about to be wiped out by a few infantry. Aaron couldn't bare the disappointment and shame of it all, until it just exploded.

"FUCK YOU!" Aaron screamed as he squeezed the trigger. His laser cut the man into three pieces and erased the top of his skull. Aaron sighed and sank into the depths of his seat.

"What's going on over there?!" Karbomb asked.

"Hold your position and keep an eye out for jump infantry." Red replied, without acknowledging what had just occurred. "Let's move Aaron." Red Sail limped through the street.

Five minutes passed before the three of them regrouped. Standing beside a Centurion made Aaron feel small in his Raven. The name CrySomeMore wonder what horrible thing he did to get that name, but he was afraid to ask. He had taken the time to look at his pilot stats during the five minute walk. His number of confirmed kills nearly doubled Red's. Aaron hadn't spoken a word to him the entire drop.

"What happened back there?" Cry asked, noticing the damaged Blackjack.

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Chapter 2 Part 2

"We were ambushed by jump infantry." Red replied. "The damage isn't as bad as it looks, but I can't get into a brawl with this busted leg."

"As usual, Red's the first one to go down." Cry laughed, "Even Aaron came back without a scratch." The massive Centurion arm suddenly reached up and shook Aaron's Raven around playfully. Aaron was taken aback by his friendliness, aggressive though it may be. In fact, everyone in this group had been friendly to him so far, as if they took the whole family thing seriously. Aaron had been an only child his entire life and liked it that way. He wasn't sure if he liked adding 90 something brothers and sisters to his life.

"Can I move now?" Karbomb asked over the radio. "I feel like I'm missing out on all the action."

"Your turn is about to come Kar," Red replied, "A heat signature was detected before our drop. I expected us to run into it earlier, but we have new intel that it may have moved between Karbomb and our position. HQ lost contact with friendly ground units about 400 klicks East of Kar and 300 klicks North of us."

"No radar contact?" Aaron asked.

"None," Red replied. "Which means they may have ECM either equipped or on ground."

"I have nothing but LRMs, but if you can get a lock I might be able to get some use out of this thing." Karbomb said.

"That's where Aaron comes in." Red Sail replied. "The three of us will split up, but remain close enough to stay under Aaron's ECM cover. When we see him, you flip that switch Aaron. Got it?"

"I think so."

Aaron charged down the street at 80kph. His heart thumped hard in his throat as he passed each intersection. The roads were now mostly clear aside from some infantry. He nervously checked each road he passed. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Mad Cat.

Aaron froze. It was unmistakably a Mad Cat. The lumbering red and black mech began to turn to face Aaron in his halted Raven. Then he remembered what he was supposed to do. He flipped the ECM switch to counter. Nothing. He still couldn't target the Mad Cat. Don't stop moving. Beef's last words echoed in his mind. The Mad Cat stared directly at him. BEEEEEEEEEEP! An alarm shrieked into the cabin.

"MISSILE LOCK DETECTED" The computer politely shouted into his ears.

Aaron shoved the throttle forward. He charged towards cover behind a building. Just as he passed the corner missiles crashed into the wall beside him. Then, one missile him. The explosion jolted him sideways and he swerved around the next corner. His arm was heavily damaged but still operational.

"Aaron turn your ECM back to disrupt before he finds you!” Red shouted.

"It didn't work! It's a Mad Cat" Aaron did as he said and hid behind a tall building.

"He must have multiple ECM ground units to give him extra cover." Cry pointed out.

"That's our best bet," Red Sail said. "We need to draw him out of his position. The ground units will have to expose themselves to follow."

"I'm too slow to outrun a Mad Cat," Cry said.

"I know. I will wait at his flank for the ground units to come out. Aaron..." Aaron didn't like hearing his name. Not right now he didn't. "I need you to get his attention and lure him out of cover."

"Whoa Red." Karbomb said. "He's still green."

"I'm aware. I know he can handle it. I believe in you Aaron." Red spoke softly to him. "If you can't do this Aaron, tell me, and Cry and I will engage him. It's up to you.”

Aaron rubbed his fingers around the throttle. His thoughts fractured into tiny pieces as he pictured the Mad Cat. Either send his new family into the fray or be the bait. He could feel his head heating up. Then he remembered his father made it about 200 kilometers before the Daishi hit him, and that was in open plains. He was a better pilot than his father and he had cover.

"Prepare to engage." Red told Cry.

"No!" Aaron cried. "I got this."

"Now you're startin’ to sound like a Beer Warrior!" Red replied. "Cry, set up to intercept. Aaron try to take him West. He'll know when you block his ECM, so wait until I tell you. Then hit the switch and run like Hell."

"Damn rookie, I'm buying you a beer if we make it out of this. Bring it on!" Karbomb said.

Aaron smiled and gripped the throttle. He took a deep breath. Then shoved the throttle to max. He stormed through the street, until the enemy came into view. It was already much closer than before, but now he could see Red Sail in the distance behind him.

"Go Aaron! Go!" Red shouted.

Aaron banked hard right and tore down the road. He attempted to weave back and forth, then a blue PPC round passed by his cockpit with a thunderous roar. It spooked him, causing his hand to jerk. The raven tripped and smashed into the building on his left. Glass shards rained on his cockpit. The throttle was still maxed so he scraped along the side of the building and turned at the next corner. He heard another PPC round hit the wall behind him.

“I found one ECM ground unit.” Red said. Aaron heard Red’s AC 20 round echo in the distance. “He’s still on you Aaron, don’t stop.”

“Wasn’t planning on it!” In fact Aaron was pretty sure he had hit the throttle so hard, it was permanently stuck in its position. Aaron noticed he was running short on cover. A water front was coming up quick. He would have nowhere to run.

“Ready to intercept.” Cry’s voice broke in.

“Hit it.” Red replied.

Suddenly a burst of short ranged missiles, lasers and AC 5 rounds all fired at once. Aaron glanced behind him. Cry’s Centurion emerged from the cover of a fallen building and fired everything into the Mad Cat. The Mad Cat stumbled and crashed into the building beside it.

“Now Aaron!” Red shouted.

Aaron flipped the ECM toggle. The Mad Cat target info flickered to life. Cry continued to empty everything he could into the mech.

“Here comes the rain.” Karbomb said. Then at least 60 long ranged missiles hurtled into the Mad Cat. Fire and smoke bellowed up. The Mad Cat turned its back to the incoming missiles and attempted to limp away. However, Red Sail’s AC 20 was aimed directly at his cockpit.

“You..” A faint voice entered their comms. “You think this means victory.” It was the Mad Cat. “This is only the beginning of your end.”

“Oh quit bitching.” Red’s cannon erupted with fire, and the Mad Cat’s torso blossomed back like a hollow point.

Aaron relaxed in his seat. “Someone owes me a beer.” He said with a smile.

“Alpha lance checking in. Area secure for now. Returning to Nav Alpha.” Red’s tone was audibly relieved.

“Primes this is HQ.” A woman’s voice came in.

“Go ahead.” Red replied.

“Sorry to cut the celebration short, but we’ve spotted incoming dropships.”

“You heard the lady. Let’s wrap this up and resupply.” Red commanded.

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i didn't really proof this one, but I wanted to just get it out. I like it.

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This guy is site admin. Come to me with any comments/questions/bribes.

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