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[Whiskey... Vodka?] Seagrams 7
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ScarcerWingman 5th Nov 2014

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Hit the back button... skip this expression of disappointment.

As I write this in a drunken slur, this review doesn't deserve the level of detail precedent to this. I only purchases this crap because my dad asked for it, as his general solution to whiskey. He is a hard on consumer of alchohol of alcoholic proportions, but no connoisseur so I had no idea what to expect. This man has been consuming budweiser as a working alchoholic by the 24 pack since his prime, and w/e solution before that...

Blame WW happening as I write this, for me constructing this useless literature during this event.




I opened this shit... smells strongly like vodka, more disappointing yet, tatests like vodka.

If you want a strong Vodka,  buy this.

-Not smooth
-Tastes like slightly dark vodka
-No character despite the label
-Cheap... at $10 per 750?ml bottle so that's a plus

Mixed with coke? Spiked coke, bland, completely overpowers this 'dark vodka'.

Been in business since 1857 so who the fuck am I to tell them how to distill and age their vodka *cough whiskey.

40% It gets you drunk...

If you want a darker vodka.. sure....

Erm.. pardon me while I go back to Watkins for the rest of the night.

Right before Raka drunkenly blows off my idle arm un dakaness... asshole ... ty Treysef I love you.. no homo. Pre barnie rape....
Last Edit: 13th Nov 2014 by Scarcer
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