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[Cider] Wild Apple Hard Cider - Honey Apple
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ScarcerWingman 13th Dec 2014

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Oops, I cheated on you, my dear Angry Orchard.

What is love?

Not the song, you free-birth scum. Love is that vague stinging sensation as you pull that fistful of pristine honeycomb from the hive of bee's, quality only deserved by Clan Ghost Beer of which excellence we have been bred for & achieved.

Okay okay, this is 'Merika, and I 'should be ashamed' for not drinking Alaskan proof Budweiser, but you can take that north-pole nonesense and find someone else to shaft it with.

I actually did consider getting a lager to try, but with my bourbon already on hand, it made more sense to find something that my girlfriend could palate without sacrificing the booze meter.


Cool, soft raw honey comb shoved down your pie-hole, first a full body-rounded essence of wax hits the palate... two slices of naked, petite green apple isn't far behind, pursuing-flank around both edges of the tongue. It takes a moment for you to recognize, you swallow... then it hits you like a freight train. Every taste bud suddenly thinks they've been slathered in a paw full of honey.

No lie, I'm having a hard time deciding if I like Wild Apple, or AA's Green Apple more. Both are delicious.

- Very rounded, slightly complex at first, strong wax, fermented apple.
- Followed by a sweet and mildly green apple.
- Extremely potent finish of raw honey.

Btw, Wild Apple uses twist tops.


General Distributors Inc, which is out of Oregon City. I don't know much else, but they do have multiple brands, and flavors.


Booze Meter:
5% abv.

-One bottle gets you fruity,

- Two bottles get's you shooty, daka daka, pew pew

- Three bottles, and you're piping tooty, okay we all get loud and drunk on TS after a while

- Four bottles and you're loonie for that booty.


Drink it.
and if anyone judges you for it, they probably have some self image issues :3
Last Edit: 13th Dec 2014 by Scarcer
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