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[Cider - Apple Wine] Angry Orchard "Ice Man"
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ScarcerWingman 31st Dec 2014

Joined: 2nd Jul 2014
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Here I am standing in the isles of Total Wine. Do I buy Watkins Select? Do I buy an undoubtedly fancy Angry Orchard treat? Hngggg WHATDOIDO.

The bottle, reminiscently shaped like it's been aged since the 1800's, foretelling the quality and depth of the nectar it contains, and a frozen Irish-man gone viking proudly printed on the side (why did I suddenly pick up the accent in my head as I typed this?)

Is your package inadequate, is your peer sensitivity causing insecurity to your perceived relativity? You want to try something sweet, but that gritty voice in your head that blames you pity? Then step up and buy some of this shit!




Remove the wire, lifting off cage containing this aggressive nectar, with it goes the proud stamp of angry orchard.

Twisting off the cork in one motion will test your masculinity... Do you really deserve a taste of this?


The nose:
  • A box of lightly aged apples... Did you just walk into an industrial freezer?
  • It's reminiscent of a dry cider, but deeper...

you watch the mist of carbon dissipate, as you sniff it away,

you pour it-

The tongue:
  • Obviously, like fermented apple cider, but the flavor as thick and rich as the color foretells,
  • There is an extremely blended mild hint of caramel and toffee, that plays with the pallet, 
  • The light aging in oak barrels leaves the finish extremely smooth, rounding off the flavor.


10% ABV


Fuck, YES. Though I'd refrigerate it first!
Last Edit: 31st Dec 2014 by Scarcer
SetunOfficer 27th Jan 2015

Joined: 15th Mar 2014
Rank: Officer
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I fucking love Ice Man. I usually drink the entire bottle from how smooth it is.
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VulosWingman 29th Jan 2015

Joined: 1st Jan 2015
Rank: Wingman
Posts: 30
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I thought I slipped into Penthouse Forum for a minute there.

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