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[Bourbon Whiskey] Evan Williams BiB White Label
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ScarcerWingman 13th Nov 2014

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Here is that picture that I was obnoxiously throwing around, indesicive on how to consume my $60 worth of liquor that would eventually knock me out, only to wake hours later with a dry mouth, mindgrain and disapointed to find the team speak a ghost town... Oh, I'm stupid, you drunks obviously passed out too. You guys are a $&*# bad influence on me. But I love you guys none the less.

Evan Williams was recommended to me by reddit.com/r/bourbon, a subreddit with a 50% ratio of neck beards who make up part of a confused community that doesn't know whether it's friendly, stoic or contrastingly stuck up with a case of lazy eye and self appointed excellence deamed to be only touched by gods.

Before I start making inappropriate & vague beard cheese references...




Remember, remember the Fifth of November...

If you are a man (or like to think yourself as one), with broad shoulders, with a sexy half bald scalp, armpit and chest hair that would put a  Samsquanch to shame, a force field of masculine excellence that would sell as a top shelf cologne... And proceed to become charred from head to toe after a riot at a woman's prison sparked by your conjugal visit burns the entire facility to the ground... Only then would you be man enough to sip on this liquid gold.

Intoxicating, overpowering. Oak, smoke, like being charcoaled to not the flesh, but the bone. Notes of caramel... It will make you crave BBQ

It's received much, much smoother than the nose for-tells, but tastes like promised. The oak flavor is thick and straight forward, smokey like an evening camp fire; sweet enough to keep you from beating your wife, at tic-tac-toe . The finish sticks to the palate for a good moment, almost like deeply charcoaled baby back ribs with meat that melts off the bone.

Mixed with coke, it blends too well. It tastes good, don't get me wrong, but no character bleeds through the cola; a bit boring I must say. Easy to down none-the-less.

50%... will put hair on your corneas and pepperjack cheese on your genitalia

Yes, this is probably my new sipper bourbon, it's better neat/iced than it is mixed.
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