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[Cider] Angry Orchard
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ScarcerWingman 5th Nov 2014

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Need to expand on the drinks here outside of just beer!

I stumbled across angry orchard a while before I moved, began having dinners with an old highschool buddy who became my drinking buddy for a short time, at this point I was still in a relative infancy of developing a taste for different kinds of liquor and beverages in general. I loved my cheap dinner whiskies blended with coke, and in particular this delicious glass of Famous Daves Smokin Tea that ingested before dinner arrives, will turn your stomach into a bottomless pit. At this point I had only really started developing a habit boozing in the previous year, 22 y/o - 23 y/o (24 now). Lets be straight, I believe that the later you start indulging in intoxicants (alchohol, cannabis etc) in your life proceeding age 25, the better.

I'll shut up now before someone drives over here and leaves a bag of flaming dogshit at my door, only to end up too drunk to escape and passed out in their back seat, parked in the creak with cans of Budweiser floating down stream.



Delicious! My go to beverage (sub-spirit) of choice. It's a legitimate cider, sweet, apple, great for the palate and easy going down. Even my gf likes to help me drink half a bottle now and then (and she has no acquired taste yet.) You can also mix it with a shot of your spicy cinnamon whiskey of choice (like Fire Ball) to create Angry Balls.

Angry Orchard - owned by Boston Beer Company.

5% alchohol by volume. Men and woman alike can down this proudly.

YES. Even if it's not your thing, you might be surprised to find that someone else already raided it from your fridge over night.

I started talking to the PR on twitter, they sent me an Angry Orchard bottle opener for free! You can't even buy these things and it's the size of a wrench. I've also bought a set of AA glass.



Crisp Apple
This is the primary Angry Orchard. The flavor is very straight forward, and really sets the foundation for the rest of the products.

Via Company: "A crisp and refreshing cider, it's fresh apple aroma and slightly sweet ripe apple flavor make it hard to resist."

Green Apple
A core product. This is probably my favorite flavor, and I have yet to find 6 packs of just this. There's 2 bottles in every assorted box of AA. It's out lovely Angry Archard with a hint of sour green apple.

Via Company: Our green apple cider has a bright, fresh apple aroma, with notes of honeydew melon and kiwi. This cider is a tart blend of a lively apple flavor and balanced sweetness.

Apple Ginger
A core product. I'm not personally crazy about this one. It trades some sweetness for a more bold flavor and leaves a mild rounded bitterness on the palate.

Via Company: Featuring a unique lend of ginger and apple flavors, this smooth and refreshing cider offers a sweet, yet slightly tart taste and goes down easy.

Elder Flower
A seasonal product. This is pretty good. It remains sweet, but adds a relevant herbal and floral essence that kind of changes the way you recognize the flavor of the apples.

Via Company: Our Elderflower cider brings fruit and flower together. The floral and tropical notes of the elderflower complement the crisp, slightly dry apple flavor, creating a cider that is truly refreshing for the warmer weather months.

Cinnful Apple
A seasonal product. Very, good. Personally I was expecting it to comparable to Apple Pie if one were to use way less vodka/everclear. Instead I got an interesting but pleasant mild but wholesome flavor that is more akin to mixing a cinnamon stick into some simple warmed apple cider. As a matter of fact I finished the last bottle in my fridge just a couple hours ago.

Via Company: Our cinnful apple cider is crisp and refreshing with a spicy twist. The sweet, slightly tart apple flavor is balanced with cinnamon spice, adding hints of cocoa and a slight heat.


There is traditional dry apple too, which I have yet to try.
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Red SailAdmin 5th Nov 2014

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wow. This is an awesome review. I will try it now. This is super in depth. nice work!
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