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CW Phase 2
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Community Warfare - Phase 2
Sept 10, 2014

Hey folks,

I'm here to give you the opening high level details of Community Warfare - Phase 2. This is where you will be able to partake in the overarching story/progression of MWO's Inner Sphere/Clan conflict.

What I've included below are cut and paste segments from the master design document for Community Warfare. The stuff not included is the technical details used to inform the engineers and artists what is required for each heading. The purpose of this is to give you an outline of what to expect for Community Warfare - Phase 2.

I know you will have a ton of questions regarding more detail for each category and here is what I am planning to do to address this.

Every 2 weeks, I will be updating the progress of these features and answering the most asked questions. I can guarantee you this, I will not be able to answer every single question, but I hope to cover the biggest questions at a minimum. This means that the first update and FAQ responses will be on Wed. Sept 24,2014. I will ask Niko and the rest of the CSR team to compile a list of questions and I'll answer everything I can.

You can post your questions here:  Questions on Phase 2 - Part 1

Please keep your questions on topic and concise. I will not have the time to engage in debate but I will address your questions as openly as I can. Do not misconstrue this as not taking feedback, your questions alone indicate what you'd like to see or know more about, I just won't have the time to have a lot of back and forth dialog as I am working directly with the team as they build CW. I just want to be able to open the doors a little wider so you can see the progress of this major milestone of MWO's development unfold.

That being said, here's the first release of information:


When a player clicks the Faction tab, they are opting into Community Warfare gameplay. This means they will be accepting the fact that teams will be split into IS vs Clan ‘Mechs and cannot mix the two technologies.


The Inner-Sphere Map displays the status of the Inner Sphere in terms of borders and conflicts. It shows all planets that we have data for.

  • Players can pan the map.
  • Players can zoom in/out on the map.
  • Players can click a planet.

When a planet is clicked, an information panel should show the planet’s detailed information:
  • Planet Name
  • Planet Faction Affiliation
  • Occupying Unit (If applicable)
  • Any lore from BT we can add (Population, temperature, lore facts)
  • Indicate if the planet is contested or not (see below)

When a planet is contested, the warring factions are fighting over who will control the planet and reap the associated rewards. For each planet, there is an attacking Faction Unit and a defending Faction Unit.
  • Contested planets are specially marked on the IS map and can be identified at all zoom levels.
  • Contested planets are assignable by the design team.

During peak player count times throughout the day, planetary control matches will be kicked off within the Faction tab. Players will see planets on the Inner Sphere map which are currently contested and be able to choose to be part of the fight.

The faction a player has aligned to will be a hard rule as to which ‘Mechs they can use and which planets they can attack/defend.

Groups in community warfare will be hard limited to players in the same unit. This is to re-enforce faction gameplay so you will not see groups of mixed Kurita and Davion for example.

Initial plan is to have initiation of an attack can only be done by a 12-man unit group. The group leader will select a planet and click the attack button.

Attacking groups are always placed in a single queue in a first-in first-out logistics order (FIFO). Defending groups are placed in queue and are given the opportunity to choose their group’s ‘Mech weight class build to meet the requirements of the defending team for the given match.

There are 2 types of defenders for a planet. Contract defenders are the Unit that won the right to defend a planet through the bidding system. Faction defenders are the rest of the players who can defend the planet but are not part of the contract defending unit.


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This guy is site admin. Come to me with any comments/questions/bribes.

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