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Greetings MechWarriors,

We're hyped to bring you the Launch Module update! This package of features brings an overhaul to the matchmaker for public games and offers the opportunity to carry out private matches. Whether it's a fan tournament, grudge match, or even a place to film in-game: How you use a Private Match is now in your hands!

Private matches allow you to choose who you play against and modify the rules of the match. Depending on your Premium Time status: You can change the game mode, the map, tonnage rules, and more!

Public matches now have a rule of three's: All weight classes will be restricted to 3 per side. By also prioritizing tonnage totals and factoring in ELO: Those who play in 2-4 or 12-player Groups may notice immediately some of the changes in matchmaking behavior. Lone Wolves can still simply select "Public Match" after "PLAY NOW" to drop right into the action! We hope that these changes will provide a more consistent and balanced experience for all pilots.

Our thanks go out once more to all MechWarriors who took part in the Public Test event for this module. Those who completed 5 Public Matches during that test are being awarded a free day of Premium Time to further enjoy these new systems. If you missed this opportunity to take part, please stay tuned for Announcements regarding future Public Tests.

Added to the private lobby is the ability to replenish purchased consumable modules, while those in the public queue now have the ability to cancel out of the matchmaker while searching. Other changes we are including are the ability to turn off cockpit glass, film grain and depth-of-field options through the user-config files as well as a bug fix to allow retention of the game mode selection. You can check out the notes below for more specifics on how the Launch module works as well as other bug fixes!

We thank you and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

- The MechWarrior® Online™ Team

Matchmaker for Public Matches

The new match maker brings a new Mech weight class restriction to team building:

- The Rule of Threes (3-3-3-3): Inside of a public match there must be no more than 3 of a given weight class.
- 3 Lights, 3 Mediums, 3 Heavies, and 3 Assaults.
- The matchmaker will fill public matches according to this rule.
- When balancing teams based on weight class, the match maker also tries to prioritize tonnage when matching to keep tonnage close to each other on each team.
- ELO is quietly factored in to better match players with similar statistical skill levels against one another wherever possible.
- Public matches still contain exactly 24 players in any case.
- Players can now cancel from Searching for a match.

What does this mean for the Lone Wolf player?

- To enter a game as a Lone Wolf you click on PLAY NOW and select Public Match from the drop down. The normal behavior of the public queue is the same from this point on.

Group Launching

When it comes to groups a few restrictions apply:

- Groups can only be 2 – 4 players or 12 players.
- For launching into a public game a group needs to stay within the rule of only 3 'Mechs per Class.
- The Rule of Threes (3-3-3-3) also applies for 12 player groups.
- Private matches are not affected by the 'Mech class regulations.
- When it comes to groups, the matchmaker assigns these first.
- There cannot be more than one group on a team.
- (Known Issue: Currently it is possible to have more than one group on a team.)
- The system tries to match the groups on both teams as close as possible depending on availability.
- After the group's missing spots are filled up with solo players, maintaining the 3-3-3-3 rule.
- 12 player groups always play against 12 player groups while following the 3-3-3-3 rule.

Creating a Private Match

- To create a private match, click on PLAYNOW and choose the option Private Match from the pop-up.
- Only the lobby creator can modify the game options. See below for more details.
- 2-4 and 12 Player Group Leaders can also start a Private Match while they are in that group. 
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