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ShivaxiOfficer 10th Oct 2014

Joined: 1st Jul 2014
Rank: Officer
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This thread is for all the famous lines of our famous BeerWarriors to forever be famed upon by the infamous.  Will update first post with quotes you guys post in reply to this thread...IF I DEEM THEM WORTHY!

|| BeerWarrior Quotes ||


RedSail:  "Damn"
RedSail:  "My Catapult is so elited, it un-elited yours"
RedSail:  "I'm so fucking drunk"
RedSail:  "I like to stick my finger in my belly button and just leave it there"
RedSail:  "Everybody ready up before I tear your balls off and put them in my belly button"
RedSail:  "This is a nice..."
RedSail:  "Dammit dog hug me!"
RedSail:  "First I was excited, now I'm taking my pants off."


Shivaxi:  "Oh of course, the one with flames is more expensive than the one with not flames"
Shivaxi:  "What quote?  The quote of me quoting me quote?"


Icarus:  "When you're stabbed, you tend to generally bleed...red"
Icarus:  "Dude I saw it, holyshit my tits"
Icarus:  "I got a target here, alpha, in deco three"


Joshownage:  "HHEEENNGGHHH?!"
Joshownage:  "Wanna talk damage, bra?"
Joshownage:  "I only shoot when I know I'm gonna shoot"
Joshownage:  "I'm considering putting flames on my Dire Wolf to make it look like it goes faster"

[Sneaky Shadow Stalker]

Sneaky Shadow Stalker:  "Gotcha!"


Doctorbutthurt:  "Don't be British"


Beefotron:  "Oh shit, I am super mega legged."
Beefotron:  "Know what?  Fuck potassium" - high on NyQuil


Bunnyallardyce:  "Missiles need gravity to work"
Bunnyallardyce:  "Someone needs to switch out of a heavy"


Bramtyr:  "Target Kilo, his tummy hurts"


Karbomb:  "GODDAMIT.  There are ZERO hot dogs in my toilet"
Karbomb:  "I always push the tunnel.  wink"


CrySomeMore:  "I just took out a fat belly thing...um...what do you call it...a Dragon"


BigShades:  "If I could spell PPC correctly..."
BigShades:  "Fly me into the distance"


Tarvus:  "I need some fuckin' pringles, that's what I need"
Tarvus: "That sounded like I just ate a mushroom in Mario"
Tarvus: "Take it like a cheesecake"


Setun:  "Look at me I'm cute!" - in a locust


Raka:  "You gotta lose those buns if you want the tons"


gump2k7:  "this shit smells like cheesy dopeness"


Everyone:  "Who the fuck is Aaron?"
Everyone:  "LeviossSSAAAHH"
Atka:  "I'm gonna be a Jigglypuff."  Pyrophoros:  "Is that a powerpuff girl?"
Dr Smashy 24th Oct 2014

Joined: 10th May 2014
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Bramtyr: "Target Kilo, his tummy hurts."
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Dr Smashy 29th Nov 2014

Joined: 10th May 2014
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Beefotron, high on NyQuil: "Know what? Fuck potassium."

Raka: "You gotta lose those buns if you want the tons."
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Red SailAdmin 29th Nov 2014

Joined: 3rd Mar 2014
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Hahahahaha those are fantastic

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This guy is site admin. Come to me with any comments/questions/bribes.

SetunOfficer 2nd Dec 2014

Joined: 15th Mar 2014
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LOOK AT ME I'M CUTE! - Setun piloting a locust
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Dr Smashy 11th Dec 2014

Joined: 10th May 2014
Rank: Beer Warrior
Posts: 10
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"AC-Gausses." kbilly.

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