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Zizums 10th Mar 2015

Joined: 10th Mar 2015
Rank: Beer Warrior
Posts: 1
Likes 0

And here I thought, "Am I the only one who drinks and plays video games, all the time". Thanks goes to my brother (Soriah) for informing me of this fantastic community.

Have a Favorite Beer/Drink?
I once took this beer "Test" to determine what kind of beer suits me and the best description they could provide me was a "Beer Crusader". I like them all and they like me. Stouts, Porters, IPAs, Reds, Lagers, I could go on... Thankfully I live in the Portland, OR area so there's plenty to choose from. A few favorites though... Guinness, Hop Valley: Alpha Centauri, 10 Barrel: Sinister Black, Bridgeport: Kingpin, Elysian: Dragonstooth. When I'm not drinking beer, it's gotta be Fireball Whiskey.

Favorite Game?
It's not possible to pick one, I usually rotate between three or four as time permits or as patience wears. To name a few, World of Warcraft (altoholic), League of Legends (ARAM), MechWarrior Online (noob, just picked it up not that long ago), and World of Tanks (Arty/TD/Heavy for the most part). I come from a long history of PC games, aging back to the original Civilization, Colonization, MechWarrior 2, and MechCommander to name some of my more fonder memories.

When I'm not playing video games, I'm usually spending time with the GF and cats or watching some soccer, football, or basketball depending on the season.

Hope to see you out and about, you can find me under the name Zizums in MWO, LoL, and WoT.


VulosWingman 10th Mar 2015

Joined: 1st Jan 2015
Rank: Wingman
Posts: 30
Likes 4

Glad to see more of my PNW brethren joining the cause. So many good breweries down in Portland, can't compare to ours in the Seattle area though, kind of like on the pitch. Sounders 'till I die!

That being said, I'm taking a tour of 4 breweries in Portland next month and I can't wait.

Cheers to that CDA, West Coast IPA, Single-Hop Pale Ale... or whatever you are drinking.
Red SailAdmin 11th Mar 2015

Joined: 3rd Mar 2014
Rank: Site Admin
Posts: 548
Likes 98

Welcome! Be sure to hop on with us on TS tonight at 8pm CST! We're happy to have you!

Signature Picture

This guy is site admin. Come to me with any comments/questions/bribes.

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